Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic Photographer

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Beyond his interest in investments, Marko Dimitrijevic is also an avid photographer. He has been taking pictures since he was a teenager and enhanced his skills during his worldwide travels as part of his financial career. Marko’s true love is wildlife photography. He has photographed all over the world including in the Arctic, Asia, Africa, Europe, and even underwater.

Marko’s pictures have been published in numerous magazines including Alert Diver, American Photo, Photopro, Islands, Seacam, and Showboats International.

Marko notes a symmetry in his two passions: good pictures, like good investments, don’t happen with luck, but require hours of diligence, analysis, and grueling work.

Other Interests

Marko Dimitrijevic currently resides with his family in Miami, Florida where he enjoys getting out on his paddle board and reading.