Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic


Marko Dimitrijevic

Marko Dimitrijevic is an investor, entrepreneur, author, photographer and philanthropist based in Miami, Florida. He is the founder and chairman of Volta Global. Marko’s professional interests include venture capital, private equity, real estate, and public markets. He founded Volta Global with the explicit purpose of creating a unique investment group guided by a philosophy shaped by its committed capital base. Besides increasing the net worth, this has allowed Volta Global to be an agile, robust, and enduring firm with a focus on the future.

Marko has been an entrepreneur and investor for 35 years. He has concentrated his career on emerging and frontier markets.

Early Career

At the outset of his career, Marko managed large securities portfolios in his role as Senior Vice President for Triangle Industries, a Fortune 500 company, and its successor, Trian Group. Marko left Trian in 1990 and launched his own investment firm, serving as the Founder and Chief Investment Officer. Under his auspices, the firm grew from a business with $8 million in assets to over $3 billion in AUM (assets under management), an employee roster of 50 people, and offices in Miami and Singapore. For 20 years (1995- 2015) Marko’s firm managed one of the world’s best performing emerging markets funds and its net worth  increased accordingly.

Marko pioneered the notion of on-the-ground due diligence, setting standards as a trailblazing investor in high-growth companies and markets across the world. He has invested in over 150 countries, including 120 emerging or frontier markets. His investments put him among the earliest Western investors in China, Russia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

Marko is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Serbian/Croatian, and Portuguese. He is also proficient in Italian and German. His linguistic aptitude enhances his investment acumen.


Marko Dimitrijevic was born in Switzerland. He attended the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He has an MBA from Stanford University.

In 2020, Marko Dimitrijevic had an accident when he slipped and fell but is now recovering.

Marko Dimitrijevic is an award-winning photographer and has taken photos in over 100 countries. His creative energy knows no bounds and he’s taken photos on a yacht, from the sky or in the sea.


Marko Dimitrijevic’s philosophies and world-view shape his philanthropic activity. He is the benefactor of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Emerging Markets Innovation Fund, at Stanford University in California. He is the founder of the Miami Science Museum Underwater Festival and has endowed numerous academic scholarships.

He has served on the Stanford Business School Advisory Board, the Stanford Business School Trust, the Executive Committee of the Frost Science Museum, the Pasteur Foundation, and the Investment Committee of the Adrian Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.