Marko Dimitrijevic on the subject of net worth.

Many people don’t build a lot of time for travel into their busy lives. Of course, not everyone can afford to travel and not everyone has a flexible job that will allow them to travel. Even with these arguments, most people could probably get away to nature within a few hours of their house for a few days a year. The net worth of those few days away is immeasurable for the physical and emotional wellbeing. We aren’t talking about going on a cruise to Alaska – just an adventure away from the house and the responsibilities it brings.

As a nature photographer, I have had the experience and the honor of going far from home and of capturing some of the most moving, powerful images. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned about the net worth of taking that vacation – whether it’s close to home or far away.

  1. Perspective: We all need a chance to zoom out on our lives and to see our problems, work environment and relationships from another perspective. That is best accomplished when you get some physical distance from these items and some emotional space. Even if you swap houses with a friend in the same city and tell your work you’re on vacation, you will give yourself the opportunity to see things in a new way.
  2. Introspection: It’s very hard to give yourself the time to just reflect on life and enjoy yourself. When you take time off, the net worth of that time is invaluable. It allows you to reflect on your relationships, on your character and on the choices you are currently making.
  3. Awe inspiring images: Depending on where you go, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to be awed. There is no monetary value you can place on the net worth of seeing things you’ve never seen, being humbled by the size of certain animals or mountains or experiencing something new.
  4. Family time: Finally, if you have a family unit, or even a family of friends, with whom you can travel, this is really a great opportunity for bonding and enjoying. It’s not always easy to connect with our lived ones when we are busy with everyday life; it’s only when we stop and get to enjoy ourselves and relax that we can find that space to rejuvenate and regenerate together.